please do yourself a favor and date the biggest fckn nerd u can get ur hands on

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Don’t let the mixed signals fool you. Indecision is a decision.
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willow rosenberg in season two of buffy the vampire slayer

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Hey kids, as we approach Halloween I just wanted you guys to be careful and say DON’T FUCK WITH SPIRITS. Don’t mess with Ouija Boards, don’t talk to no dead people, don’t fuck with demons, don’t summon shit, don’t dick around in abandoned buildings. If you are considering a thing, just think, “would a white person in a horror movie do this thing?” If the answer is yes, then don’t do the thing.

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Being an introvert AND having resting bitch face is not a good combination.

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I’ve never even fired a gun. 

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guys, you know what this means??

google drive

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